What causes a Lipoma?

A lipoma is a noncancerous growth that develops under your skin, between the skin and the underlying muscles. Lipomas consist of fat cells enclosed in a thin layer of tissue, creating a soft lump that moves if you gently push it with your fingers.

These fatty masses are slow-growing and most often develop in middle-aged adults. Lipomas typically appear in your neck, shoulders, back, head, and legs.

In most cases, the cause of a lipoma can’t be determined. However, some people may have a genetic tendency to develop lipomas.

What symptoms might I develop due to a Lipoma?

Most patients find that their only symptom is a lump they can feel and/or see, depending on its size. Lipomas usually aren’t painful unless they grow large enough to press on nerves or they contain numerous blood vessels.

Though not common, lipomas may form in muscles or organs. When that happens, they’re often painful and may cause a variety of symptoms if they interfere with the organ’s ability to function.

There is a very small chance that the lump may be a cancerous liposarcoma rather than a lipoma. Liposarcomas grow quickly, they don’t move under your skin, and they’re usually painful. If you have any concerns about lumps under your skin, schedule an appointment to have them evaluated.

How do surgeons remove Lipomas?

​​​​​​​Lipomas aren’t dangerous to your health, but if they’re painful or they affect your appearance, Dr. Paracha will safely remove the lump.

Having a lipoma removed is a painless experience when it’s performed by an experienced surgeon.

After applying a local anesthesia and making a small incision, he will remove the lipoma. The specimen will be sent to the lab for a proper biopsy.

As you heal, you’ll have minimal scarring thanks to the small size and cosmetic closure of the incision. If you have questions about lipoma removal, please call for a consultation.
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