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Dr Paracha showed my elderly father great compassion. He was able to refer my father to a specialist to assist him. He arranged the transport to Another hospital. He is surgeon who really shows great concern for his patients

Kim R.

Dr paracha did a great job with my surgery.


Dr. Paracha is very thorough and very compassionate and super nice person... I would highly recommend him!!

Peter K.

When my appendix perforated on Labor Day, I was truly sent an angel by having Dr.Parracha be my surgeon. He went above and beyond and ultimately saved my life. I could never thank him enough!! If you’re ever in the predicament that you unfortunately need a surgeon, his hands are the ones you want to be in. I am forever indebted to you Dr.Parracha!

Brittany A.

Thank you Dr. Paracha! Your knowledge, your skills and determination to bring me back to good health will never be forgotten and should definitely be recognized. Thank you again including your wonderful staff, Liz and Serena for always being so kind and encouraging.

Denise F.

I sought out Dr. Paracha's help after suffering from a work related injury. After being diagnosed with not one, but two inguinal hernias and discovering surgery would be my next step I was nervous to say the least. Both Serena and Liz that run his office are amazing! They helped me every step of the way through my workman's compensation case. They both also helped with my emotional turmoil over the whole ordeal. Dr. Paracha performed the surgery only a month and a half after my diagnosis. He performed the surgery at St. Charles hospital and made me calm and confident before the operation. He is super attentive and has helped to answer all of my questions even post op. I am indebted to everyone involved! I'm so grateful for everything. Dr. Paracha leaving me with only two very unnoticeable scars. Serena and Liz for remembering and helping me throughout the whole process. Thank you all!

Greg V.

Saved my life few years back when my intestines blew open .. I was hours from death..6 hours Emergency surgery and very complicated situation..Im alive and everything back to normal..

Mike T.

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