Recurrent Small Bowel Obstruction

What Is a Bowel Obstruction?

A bowel obstruction or intestinal obstruction is a serious problem that happens when something blocks your bowels, either your large or small intestine. When your digestive system comes to a halt, you can’t have a bowel movement or pass gas. You might also notice stomach pain and a swollen belly. Some patients develop recurrent episodes of obstruction, require multiple hospitalizations for non-surgical management and live in fear of not knowing when will the next attack be? Will they be out in a foreign country or a remote region? Will they be able to avoid a large operation? For these patients there is hope, Dr Paracha has dealt with many patients with these concerns, and majority of times, with a minimally invasive approach.

What Is Bowel Obstruction Surgery?

Bowel obstruction surgery is an interventional procedure that involves both:

  • Removal of any material that's blocking the intestines (such as feces, cancer, a polyp, an infection abscess, or a twist in the bowel).

  • Repair of regions of the intestine that may have been damaged due to the obstruction.

​​​​​​​This surgery is performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. It can be planned in advance, but sometimes bowel obstruction surgery has to be done as an emergency procedure due to rapidly worsening and life-threatening complications.

You might have a laparoscopic or robotic procedure, which is performed with a few small incisions, or you might need an open laparotomy with a large incision. The extent of the blockage isn't necessarily the primary factor when it comes to whether you will have a major procedure or a minimally invasive one. There is a range of techniques used in bowel obstruction surgery, and your procedure might involve steps like:

  • Cutting adhesive band or adhesions that have caused the obstruction.

  • Removal of an obstructive lesion

  • Resection of severely damaged areas of the intestines

  • Creation of an ostomy (creation of hole in your abdomen through which waste can exit the body).

  • Bypass an affected region which cannot be removed.

When deciding on an approach, Dr Paracha will consider several things, including the number and location of the blockages, the cause of the bowel obstruction, your risk of infection, and any previous surgeries.
If you are tired of repeated admissions to the hospital for recurrent episodes of bowel obstruction, please call Dr Paracha and schedule a prompt consultation, he will take care of the problem and let you live the rest of your life without fear of another admission to the hospital when you least expect it.

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